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Dr. Robert A. Patzner


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Dr. Robert Patzner
Organismische Biologie
Hellbrunnerstrasse 34
A-5020 Salzburg

Mail: robert.patzner@sbg.ac.at


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New book: "The Biology of Gobies"

Robert A. Patzner
Universität Salzburg, FB Organismische Biologie, Hellbrunner Str. 34, 5020 Salzburg


Robert A. Patzner
Department Organismic Biology University of Salzburg Salzburg, Austria

James L. Van Tassell
Systematic Ichthyology Biology Department Hofstra University Hempstead, NY USA

Marcelo Kovacic
Prirodoslovni Muzej Rijeka Lorenzov Prolazl Rijeka, Croatia

B.G. Kapoor
Formerly Professor of Zoology The University of Jodhpur Jodhpur, India

The Book

Among all vertebrates, gobies are second in diversity only to the teleost family Cyprinidae. The Gobiidae consists of more than 200 genera and nearly 2,000 species being the largest family of marine fishes; including the remaining families within the Gobiiformes adds an additional 281 species. Gobies account for as much as 50 % of the energy flow in coral reef communities. There small size, ability to adapt to numerous ecological niches and to be breed in aquaria has led to numerous studies both in the field and laboratory. Gobies are found from above the high tide line to depths of over 1,100 m. Some species are found only within caves, others deep inside sponges, others climb waterfalls to return to their native streams. They vary reproductively from gonochoric to hermaphrodite, monogamy to polygyny and promiscuity, some have short life spans and reproduce once only while others have longer life spans reproducing one or more time per year. The Biology of Gobies written by over 30 experts from 15 countries summarizes what is known about the systematics, ecology, zoogeography, and general biology of the Gobiiformes. This foundation will provide the basic information necessary for future studies.

More Informations

More informations can be found at:

Informations on Mediterranean Gobiidae: www.patzner.sbg.ac.at/Gobiidae.htm

The Biology of Blennies

The book "The Biology of Blennies" appeared in 2009: