The Aims of the "Sharifa"-Expedition 2007 to the Maldives

The aim of the present expedition will be to perform extensive surveys in the coral reefs of the Maldives to explore their present condition. Severe bleaching events have occurred in the last decade and reef degradation as well as rehabilitation and recovery have been observed. A number of scientists will contribute with their specific areas of expertise (reef ecology, coral taxonomy, fish ecology and morphology, bio-erosion and coral associations, etc.) and work on individual projects which will fuse to one common, large project: The evaluation of the presence and future of the Maldives.

The outcome shall be used to develop more efficient management strategies and to provide the scientific community with the newest findings.

Since the duration of the expedition is limited to 14 days the route can only be a shortcut of the original Xarifa-expedition. 14 sites in the Maldives will be investigated: North-Male-Atoll -> East to Helengeli -> Gaafaru Falhu (Gaha Faro) -> Southwest to the Westcoast to Reethi -> Rasdhoo Atoll/Kuramathi -> to the Northeastern rim of the Ari Atoll -> to Kandolhudhoo -> to Fesdhoo -> close to Malhos (Western side of the Ari Atoll) -> East to Halaveli -> Western side of the South-Male-Atoll to Kalhuhuraa and finally to Bolifushi in the South-Male-Atoll.

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