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© Reef Expedition 2007 to the Maldives I Impressum

"Sharifa"-Expedition 2007 to the Maldives

In the period 14 - 29 March 2007 a team of 15 scientists from Germany and Austria performed an expedition to the central atolls of the Maldives.

Following the route of the famous Xarifa-expedition of Hans Hass in 1957/58 the team of the 2007- expedition assessed the actual status of the coral reefs and their ecosystems. Main object of this investigation was the examination of the reef-building corals and their grade of re-generation, re-colonisation and re-structuring after the devastating bleaching event in 1998.

This expedition was not only in memory of the unforgettable contribution of Hans Hass and his team but should also opens a scientific research project on European and International level in favour of the Maldives and its future as one of our "last paradises" on Earth.